By utilizing its wide business base and technological capabilities, MHI Group offers solutions to meet the various demands of customers from a global perspective.

Lowering the Minimum Operating Load of Coal-Fired Power Plants

Energy-Saving Solutions by High-Efficiency Chiller and Energy Audits

One-stop Solutions to Optimize the Entire Heat Source Systems

Accelerating Decarbonization: Takasago Hydrogen Park

Digital Technology to Increase Planned Maintenance Productivity and Quality

Biomass Adaption for CO₂ Reduction

Comprehensive Approach to Increase the Reliability of Gas Turbines

Power Plant Control System “DIASYS Netmation”

Chillers Maintenance Solutions for Energy Loss Reduction

Water Quality Assurance For GTCC

GTCC Performance Diagnosis

GT Digital Flame Detection

Electronic Overspeed Protection for Gas Turbine

Cloud Training Simulator For GTCC

Boiler Smart Inspection

H-25 Combined Heat and Power Plant for District Heating Use

Netmation® Protect Pack

Optimization of SCR Catalyst Management

Repowering Ageing Plant with Multiple H-25 Gas Turbines

GT Remote and Automatic Combustion Tuning

Fuel Conversion : Reducing Environmental Impact of Power Generation

IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) Optimization

Data Center Cooling System Solution

H-25 Gas Turbines

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)

Hydrogen Gas Turbine

Block Insulation Package

CO₂ Capture Technology for Exhaust Gas KM CDR Process™

CO₂ Compressor