By utilizing its wide business base and technological capabilities, MHI Group offers solutions to meet the various demands of customers from a global perspective.

Comprehensive Approach to Increase the Reliability of Gas Turbines

Chillers Maintenance Solutions for Energy Loss Reduction

H-25 Combined Heat and Power Plant for District Heating Use

Repowering Ageing Plant with Multiple H-25 Gas Turbines

Fuel Conversion : Reducing Environmental Impact of Power Generation

Data Center Cooling System Solution

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

Hydrogen Gas Turbine

CO₂ Capture Technology for Exhaust Gas KM CDR Process™

CO₂ Compressor

LCO₂ Carrier

H₂ Compressor

District Heating and Cooling System Solutions

Ene-Conductor: Heat Source Control System

H-25 Gas Turbines

LNG Solution

The EX ROVR Plant Inspection Robot