Case studies

Sony Device Technology(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Energy-saving with visualizing operating status of entire chiller system

Captive thermal power facilities

Hydrogen – The key to achieving carbon neutral by 2050

Electric power generation

Prevent restart problems after planned maintenance

Commercial and industrial coal-fired power plant

Biomass conversion achieved with minimal costs and downtime

Industrial plant owners with coal-fired power generation systems

First step for decarbonization : Switching from coal to gas-fired

Electric power generation

The control system for power plants in a decarbonized society


How to prevent chillers from forced shut down


Upgrading district heating by gas turbine combined heat & power

Electric power generation

How to strengthen cyber defenses and meet security requirements

Power plant owners, Utility companies

Repowering of an ageing power station by installing H-25 gas turbines

Coal-fired power plants

Stable operation and cost reduction in existing plants using optimal catalyst replacement plans

Electric power generation

Remote solution remedies Combustion Pressure Fluctuation

Electric power generation, Industry

Fuel Conversion of steam power plants for decarbonized and stable power supply

Data centers

Helping to enhance data center PUE with cooling source system control

Electric power generation

When lighter loads cause turbine efficiency to tumble

Industrial plant owners with coal-fired power generation systems

Coal to gas conversion of power plant to meet strict CO₂ emission regulation

Electric power generation

Optimize GTCC operation with BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

The power industry (GTCC)

Extended maintenance intervals by using a highly precise and reliable method

Electric power generation

Decarbonizing gas turbine by hydrogen firing technology

Electric power generation

Smart technology makes insulation process more efficient during planned maintenance

Oil & Gas, LNG

Reducing CO₂ emissions while realizing long-term use and cost savings

Power generation, Steelmaking, Cement, Oil & Gas

CO₂ Compressors: Generating cost savings for industrial carbon capture systems

Power generation, Energy (Oil & Gas / Nuclear), Engineering

The EX ROVR allows the automation of plant inspections and improved standards of maintenance

Power generation, Energy (Oil & Gas / Nuclear), Engineering

Explosion-proof inspection robot step toward autonomous platform

Air conditioning, Factory

The last frontier in factory efficiency proved more challenging than expected

Air conditioning, District cooling

Reliable district heating and cooling systems developed with our customer

Electric power generation

No more worries about failure at start-up with new Trip Prevention Package

Electric power generation

Constantly optimized fan control resolves turbine tip clearance issues caused by overcooling