Message for the Future of Energy

Change the Future of Energy.

Energy Transition - New Frontier for MHI Group -

With the recognition that global warming and climate change are common human issues, society is entering a period of great change.

It is essential to realize a carbon-neutral society by 2050, affirming the need for decarbonization as a global policy, and building social consensus for it in countries around the world.

To achieve sustainable prosperity, we must confront these issues urgently and realize a carbon-neutral society.

This is our energy transition goal.

To transition to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, it is important to promote the reduction and capture of CO2 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions while meeting the demand for energy that supports economic development.

To do that, in addition to expanding renewable energy, we must also accelerate technological innovation and take account of social costs.

Image of the target of decarbonization solutions in the entire natural gas value chain

In order to carbon-neutral society from its dependence on carbon, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group will focus on decarbonizing existing infrastructure, building a hydrogen ecosystem and a CO2 ecosystem. We will make both short-term and long-term efforts to develop and offer solutions that realize a carbon-neutral society.

Decarbonise existing infrastructure
Build hydrogen solutions ecosystem
Build a CO2 solutions ecosystem
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Contributing to the reduction of CO2 through the decarbonization of thermal power generation

To realize a carbon-neutral society while fulfilling global energy demand, we offer solutions that support the decarbonization of thermal power generation and the increase of industrial energy efficiency and its decarbonization by effectively utilizing existing infrastructure.

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Creating a solution for emitted CO2 and building a CO2 ecosystem

We will continue to offer the technologies and solutions that are necessary for the effective and stable reduction of CO2 with the optimization of the entire CO2 value chain in view, including the capturing of CO2, its transportation, utilization, and storage.

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Building a hydrogen value chain and contributing to the realization of a hydrogen society

Increased use of renewables makes energy storage more important than ever. And decarbonization is accelerating in industries where electrification is difficult. Hydrogen and ammonia can address these issues, and we are working to innovate related technologies and build value chains.

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Creating new values in the world through technological innovations

To solve urgent problems such as the climate change caused by greenhouse gases, we continue to offer solutions that utilize the comprehensive capabilities of the entire group by combining the expertise we have cultivated over many years with cutting-edge technology.