CCUS hubs and clusters

Download your copy to discover how CCUS hub and cluster networks connect hard-to-abate local industries with low-carbon solutions to help meet net zero ambitions.

Hydrogen and Ammonia : Offering tailored pathways to net zero emissions

Download your copy to discover why experts see both hydrogen and ammonia as vital net zero fuels, and how to transform hydrogen and ammonia into mainstream pathways to help curb net zero emissions.

Capturing the value of CO₂

Download your copy to discover how the environmental and business cases of developing a CCUS value chain align, and why this is critical to help accelerate the energy transition.

Decarbonizing the data center

Download your copy to discover how operators can use technologies available today to migrate DCs toward a power and cooling infrastructure that addresses the 4 Cs challenge.

Driving change for greener LNG: Low carbon solutions for a rapidly growing industry

Download MHI’s proposed solutions for LNG owners and operators to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and thermal inefficiencies associated with new and existing LNG plants.

Advancing shipping’s low-emissions future

Free eBook that introduces reviews on future marine fuels and propulsion technologies. It looks at halving CO₂ emissions by 2050 and meeting tighter IMO regulations.

Hydrogen – Powering a net zero future

Download MHI Group’s latest market insight into the technologies that will support hydrogen in its bid to become one of the ‘go-to’ fuels of the future.