【This event has ended】GHGT-16


Event name【This event has ended】GHGT-16
Date and time23-27 OCTOBER 2022
Official websitehttps://ghgt.info/

MHI’s Session Details

Session 10A - Amine Pilot Plant Studies II Thursday, Oct 27, 2022


Breeze CONCEPT – To Achieve Net Zero By 2050

For the sustainable prosperity of the Earth, MHI Group will seriously take the challenge of global energy transition. In order to realize a carbon-neutrality as early as possible in this century, it is necessary to promote both the reduction and recovery of CO2 through the energy transition. We will proactively solve anthropogenic and atmospheric CO2 with every viable solution. MHI Group will save a gentle breeze for our children in the 22nd century. This is “Breeze CONCEPT“.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ CO2 Capture Technology

Our CO2 capture technology (KM CDR Process™) can be used for any plant that burns Hydrocarbons to significantly reduce carbon emission. See our technical features and global experience, including Petra Nova, the world’s largest post-combustion capture plant with 4,776 tons/day capacity in Texas, U.S.A. 

Explore Our CO2 Capture Plant

This is the 3D model of CO2 capture Plant with our technology. One remarkable technology is the post-combustion CO2 capture process (KM CDR Process™), jointly developed by MHI and Kansai Electric. Any plant that burns Hydrocarbons can use this process. Join our virtual site tour to feel and explore our technology.

Liquified CO2 Carrier for Transporting CO2

CCUS needs to develop carbon value chain connecting all the process including carbon capture, liquefaction, transport, storage and usage. For the transportation, low cost “liquified CO2 carrier” which MHI is developing will be one of the solutions.

Who is MHI Group and How are We Decarbonizing Energy

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group is one of the world’s leading industrial firms. For more than 130 years, we have channeled big thinking into solutions that move the world forward. We are 8,000+ strong in 200+ companies worldwide.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ CCUS technology

For the realization of entire value chain of CCUS (carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage), MHI group provide the variety of products and services such as CO2 capture plant, liquefied CO2 ship, CO2 compressor, CO2NNEX (CCUS value chain visualization platform) and more.