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Large-capacity, long-term energy storage and usage needs are growing as renewables spread. Accelerating decarbonization is required even in industries that face challenges electrifying. Hydrogen, ammonia and other clean fuels offer solutions. The MHI Group is innovating these technologies and building the value chain.

Realizing a hydrogen ecosystem in the quest for carbon neutrality

As the world works to achieve a carbon neutral society by 2050, clean fuels that do not emit CO₂ during combustion are gaining attention as alternatives to fossil fuels. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group has a wide range of core technologies and solutions across the hydrogen value chain, including our leading-edge hydrogen technologies. By combining these solutions with technological innovations in clean fuels, we will lead the way in building a more robust hydrogen and ammonia value chain.

 Image emphasizing the “build a hydrogen solutions ecosystem" among the path to achieving Carbon Neutrality

Technologies and solutions to cover the value chain

By leading the construction of a global clean fuels value chain that encompasses production, transportation, storage and utilization, MHI Group will contribute to the creation of a hydrogen society. Additionally, MHI Group’s mission includes providing the right technologies at the right time to help create a carbon-neutral world. In addition to our own technologies and products, we will promote the development of technologies through partnerships with innovative companies, to provide solutions that cover the entire value chain.

 Flow image of technology development toward the realization of a hydrogen ecosystem in the international clean fuel value chain

Global attempts to realize a hydrogen ecosystem

In addition to leading-edge hydrogen technologies, the MHI Group has the world‘s only* gas turbine combined cycle power plant demonstration facility (T-point 2). We are involved in a wide range of clean fuels related projects around the world to stimulate large-scale demand for hydrogen use. These efforts aim to help expand the hydrogen supply chain and reduce costs in production and transport. *As of November 2021

 Image showing MHI Group's efforts around the world to develop CO₂ solutions

We also aim to establish decarbonization technologies throughout the value chain by 2030 through feasibility tests in leading markets, primarily in Europe and the United States. These efforts accompanied by the construction of a hydrogen ecosystem that encompasses production, transportation, storage and utilization, will contribute to decarbonization in a wide range of sectors.

Image of the deployment of hydrogen solutions being promoted by MHI Group toward the year 2030