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To realize a carbon-neutral society while fulfilling the demand for global energy that supports economic development, We offer power generation solutions that support the decarbonization of thermal power generation and higher efficiency in industrial energy by effectively utilizing existing infrastructure.

Efforts towards a carbon neutral society

Expanding the use of renewable energy is indispensable for realizing a carbon-neutral society. Simultaneously maintaining economic efficiency and a stable power supply is also important.
As an effective short-term effort toward the energy transition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group aims to deliver a carbon-neutral society in a fast and practical way while minimizing the investment and operating cost by utilizing existing infrastructure.
This is especially the case for the natural gas-fired gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC), which emits the least amount of CO₂ compared to other thermal power plants. Growth of the renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines will undeniably contribute to decarbonization, however, due their intermittent nature, the power grids are becoming unreliable as they lose the dispatchable inertia with every added renewable power resource. GTCC will therefore continue to play a vital role as reliable, relatively low carbon and flexible power supply.
In addition to contributing to the decarbonization of thermal power generation through developing a highly efficient GTCC, MHI has started to offer solutions to increase its flexibility by adjoining the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

 Image emphasizing the "decarbonize existing infrastructure" among the path to achieving Carbon Neutrality

Contributions spanning across the natural gas value chain

MHI Group offers a variety of solutions for both power generation and across the entire natural gas value chain, from production to transportation.
With our wide range of expertise and technologies, we will promote fast decarbonization that achieves a stable supply of energy and economic efficiency.

Image of the target of decarbonization solutions in the entire natural gas value chain

Improving product operations through digital technology

MHI Group is leading the development of the smart power plant of the future with TOMONI, a suite of intelligent solutions enabled by decades of O&M and plant knowledge. Our solutions use advanced analytics and are driven by customer collaboration to deliver powerful financial and environmental advantages.
We will continue to combine knowledge and technology obtained through the development of hardware with digital technology as it actively advances the transition to a carbon-neutral society and develops a range of products that will facilitate this energy transition.

 Image of TOMONI in operation at a power plant