H₂ Compressor

The super-high speed centrifugal compressors support a hydrogen society

With experience manufacturing over 2,600 compressors, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has been offering compressors that boost the pressure of hydrogen-rich gas using high-speed centrifugal compressor technology. To further accommodate high-purity hydrogen, MHI is working to deliver super-high speed single-shaft multi-stage (in-line) and multi-shaft multi-stage (Integrally geared) compressors. We plan to commercialize these compressors by the middle of 2020s. MHI will continue to offer optimal compressor solutions to meet the growing demand for hydrogen, in which will increase in capacity in various situations, such as production, transportation, storage, and use as we welcome a full-scale hydrogen society.


Reducing CAPEX with state-of the art compact and lightweight design

To boost the pressure of hydrogen with its low molecular weight, we use super-high speed impellers to increase the pressure ratio per casing, making the equipment compact and lightweight. Installation space is reduced 30% compared to our existing models resulting in a simple system configuration. The installation of the package delivered in modules is easy and efficient. The shorter installation schedule and lower construction costs reduce the equipment and installation costs, further reducing CAPEX.

Hydrogen Inline Compressor(Left picture) and Hydrogen Integrally geared compressor (Right picture)

Accommodating larger capacity to meet increased hydrogen demand

In 2030 and beyond, high-capacity high-pressure compressors will become indispensable because demand for hydrogen, including but not limited to hydrogen power generation, vehicle fuel and household heat sources, is expected to expand. Pressurization is required in each process of hydrogen production, transportation, storage, and utilization. Compressors with high pressure ratios, which efficiently boost large volumes of hydrogen, are essential key components for realizing a hydrogen society. Centrifugal compressors are ideal for boosting large amounts of hydrogen pressure. MHI is working to deliver centrifugal compressors that meet the needs for increasing the pressure of large volumes of hydrogen.

 Vertically split (V-type) compressor train

OPEX reduction with reliable operation and easy maintenance

MHI's centrifugal compressor allows long-term continuous operation, supporting stable plant operations. Moreover, the duration of its maintenance can be reduced. With more reliable parts and few replacement parts required, the centrifugal compressor has a low maintenance cost and allows long-term stable operation, making it outright superior in terms of OPEX.

 Vertically split (V-type) compressor(Left picture) and typical 6-stage integrally geared compressor (Right picture)