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For all living things on Earth, we promote every viable solution for reducing anthropogenic and atmospheric CO₂, so that carbon neutrality can be achieved as early as possible in 21st century. This includes enhancing the recycling of CO₂ to transform it into a valuable commodity and doing so in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Realizing a CO₂ ecosystem encompassing all steps from capture to utilization

With the adoption of the Paris Agreement at COP21, annual worldwide CO₂ emissions must be reduced by more than 80% from the current 40 gigatons by 2050. Accomplishing this ambitious goal will require efforts to both reduce CO₂ emissions such as conserving energy, improving efficiency in existing infrastructure and implementing renewable energy, as well as capture CO₂ and construct a CCUS (CO₂ Capture, Utilization and Storage) value chain. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group has unveiled the Breeze CONCEPT, which outlines the path to a carbon-neutral society. Under this concept, we are working to optimize the entire CCUS value chain. Our efforts will help to provide optimal solutions and maximize cost-effectiveness for efficient and stable reduction of CO₂ emissions.

 Image emphasizing the “build a CO₂ solutions ecosystem" among the path to achieving Carbon Neutrality

Solutions through the CO₂NTAIN, CO₂NNECT, and CO₂NVERT approach

MHI Group has reorganized the CCUS value chain within the framework called CO₂NTAIN, CO₂NNECT, and CO₂NVERT. To achieve carbon neutrality in each of these three areas, MHI Group is pursuing and promoting every viable solution. We have advocated the Breeze CONCEPT, with the goal of preserving the gentle breeze of today for future generations.

 MHI Group's vision of the entire CCUS value chain

CO₂NTAIN, CO₂NNECT, and CO₂NVERT comprise the CCUS value chain


In terms of CO₂NTAIN, our track record includes 13 commercial CO₂ capture plants already delivered worldwide. We will continue to provide and develop technologies with proven performance and reliability. The CO₂ capture technology KM CDR Process™ developed by MHIENG in collaboration with The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (KEPCO) contributes to significant reductions in CO₂ emissions and is now at work in projects worldwide including the Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project *. In addition to power plants, MHI Group’s CO₂ capture technology can recover CO₂ from other emissions sources, including waste incineration facilities and steel and cement plants. *As of 2021, the world’s largest post-combustion CO₂ capture plant (4,776 metric tons per day), located in Texas, USA.

Image of the capture of emitted CO₂ in the CCUS value chain
Image showing the diversification of CO₂ capture sources, including the cement, steel and transportation industry


With CO₂NNECT, we will bridge CCUS businesses across physical and digital applications. MHI Group is linking the physical supply chain through large CO₂ carriers that utilize technologies and expertise cultivated through years of experience developing shipbuilding and marine transport technologies. In addition, we are taking on the challenge of creating the CCUS ecosystem on the cyber platform of CO₂NNEX™ to visualize, certify and optimize CO₂ abatement.

Image of the transport and storage of captured CO₂ in the CCUS value chain


With CO₂NVERT, we give value to CO₂ and promote its reuse and recycling. Through in-house technology development and investment, MHI Group is taking on the challenge of boosting technologies to convert CO₂ into other valuable commodities. We will actively work to activate the CCU ecosystem.

Image of captured CO₂ being converted and used in the CCUS value chain
Image of CO₂ having value as a new product and the CCU market revitalize

Breeze CONCEPT video

Our CCUS solutions

MHI Group has successfully continued our CO₂ capture business with KM CDR Process™. Additionally, we will continue to expand our CCUS value chain technology lineup through 2023 with various CO₂ capture equipment for industrial and transportation sectors such as compressors and carriers. To further enrich the CCUS value chain,, developing systems, services and solutions are inevitable. As part of our efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral world, the MHI Group will remain committed to its contributions in the areas of CO₂NTAIN, CO₂NNECT, and CO₂NVERT with our capability and experience.

 Image of the deployment of CCUS solutions being promoted by MHI Group toward the year 2030

Global participation in CO₂ business development
(On going projects as of 2021)

MHI Group is applying its extensive experience in the research and development of minimizing CO₂ emissions from exhaust gas. This includes its carbon capture project with the UK's Drax Group, which aims to capture and store over 8 million tons of CO₂ emissions annually, the largest amount in the world. Going forward, we will continue contribute to solutions to world-scale and effective reduction of greenhouse gases through technical demonstrations of CO₂ business development using our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise.

 Image showing MHI Group's efforts around the world to develop CO₂ solutions