An established biomass combustion technology for all co-firing ratios

Mitsubishi Power's biomass combustion technology flexibly accommodates all co-firing ratios, not only in newly-built power plants, but also in existing ones. Through unique conversion programs for existing, coal-fired equipment, this technology makes it possible to switch to biomass combustion within a short period of time. In addition, through the core technology of pulverizes and burners that exhibit the same level of performance as coal-fired plants, it contributes to safe and secure plant operation, even after the conversion. Leveraging its deep experience in building new biomass facilities and converting old ones for biomass use, Mitsubishi Power provides one stop solution.


  • Contributes to the safe and secure use of biomass at existing facilities through detailed on-site surveys and boiler conversion programs for all co-firing ratios.
  • By applying Mitsubishi Power’s unique coal/biomass dual-use system (pulverizes and burners) to existing coal-fired equipment, the conversion to exclusively burning biomass can be achieved with minimal construction.
  • The two types of high-performance burners-the swirl combustion and opposed combustion types-achieve the same level of high combustion efficiency and reliability as coal-fired systems.

Conversion programs to effectively use existing equipment

Mitsubishi Power offers boiler conversion programs to achieve CO₂ emission reduction targets from biomass power generation. We can flexibly accommodate customers’ desired biomass co-firing ratios and propose the ideal combination of conversion costs, running costs, plant electricity capacity, and any other design considerations. In addition, we conduct detailed on-site surveys in order to achieve stable electricity supply and highly-efficient operations and can propose conversion plans that are optimal as seen from both economic and technical evaluations. Even if our customer have no clear plans, we are available to discuss your biomass utilization.

Biomass co-firing rate and example of boiler modification menu
Biomass co-firing rate and example of boiler modification menu

Biomass co-firing rate and example of boiler modification menu

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