LNG Solution

Efficient dual-shaft gas turbine and compressor technologies maximize availability for LNG plant operations

“Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)’ LNG Solution” combines the H-100 gas turbine, one of the world's largest and most efficient dual-shaft gas turbines, with advanced compressor technology to maximize the availability of LNG plants. Our highly efficient equipment for LNG plants can lead to a reduced environmental impact.


Lowers lifecycle cost and improves productivity

The H-100 is a 100 MW class, heavy-duty gas turbine that features a dual-shaft design and DLN combustor. It offers high efficiency, variable speed operation, and full-pressure restart capability, without the need for auxiliary electric equipment such as helper motors or VFD. A MR compressor package driven by the H-100 gas turbine can achieve better efficiency with less equipment.
It offers a reliable and effective solution to reduce lifecycle costs and improve productivity of LNG plants. A highly efficient LNG plant reduces environmental impact as well.

 Image of the package of the H-100 Gas Turbine and MR compressor technologies in use


  • Dual-shaft turbine maximum output
  • High efficiency
  • Less electric equipment
  • Simplified construction
  • Reduced environmental impact

Greater productivity with less equipment and smaller footprint

MHI’s LNG Solution, which includes packaged H-100 industrial dual-shaft gas turbine with DLN combustor and compressor is a direct alternative to the conventional gas turbine plus helper motor configuration, requiring less equipment and offering better efficiency and availability. It also offers significant savings from its reduced footprint.

 Image of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' package using H-100 gas turbine to achieve higher reliability and availability than conventional train

Variable speed and high efficiency ensure stable operations

The variable speed capabilities (70-105% speed) enable flexible operation and full pressure start-up without prior flaring.
Advanced combustor technology allows for higher fuel flexibility.

 The world's largest-class high efficiency two-shaft gas turbines