A compressor that meets your requirements for CO₂ capture, transport and storage

The reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has become a major issue and has created an urgent need for solutions to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of industrial facilities. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offers a range of compressors suitable for use in CO₂ recovery systems for industrial operations, as well as the transportation of CO₂ by pipeline and CO₂ storage.


Over 4,000 compressors and steam turbines have been delivered worldwide to petrochemical and industrial clients with safe and reliable systems backed by a proven track record

With our extensive experience supplying compressors of all sizes for use with a wide range of gases, MHI can provide compressors for any application. MHI has particularly significant experience with the continuous duty CO₂ compressors used in urea manufacture, CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), enabling the safe operation of carbon capture systems.

Compressor for CO2 capture system delivered to gas plant in 2003
Compressor for CO2 capture system delivered to gas plant in 2003

CO₂ Compressor delivered to gas plant in 2003

Modular approach reduces construction time

MHI industrial-scale CO₂ compressors employ a modular design that enables compressors and its associated equipment systems to be delivered as a compact, integrated module, thereby reducing the time taken to install the compressor and construct the plant.

Automation and remote service through DX increase maintenance efficiencies

MHI compressors combined with automation and remote service through digital transformation such as evaluation of local operation, with the aim of eliminating reliance on skilled operators. In addition to reducing the workload on operators, these solutions also boost profits, and enable inspections to be scheduled appropriate to the plant operation. We employ a compressor design that facilitates inspection and place the utmost importance on reducing inspection time and enhancing ease of maintenance.

A worker is checking some monitors.
 A worker is checking some monitors.