EX ROVR automated plant inspection robot: agile, explosion-proof, high utilization robotic solution

The EX ROVR explosion-proof inspection robot was created by taking a remote-controlled mobile robot that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began developing in 2014 for use in flammable gas atmospheres and deploying some practical modifications. MHI is on track to finish development of the second-generation ASCENT model in time for its release in 2022.


  • Highly mobile allowing automatic travel between multiple floors. Capable of climbing stairs
  • Allows more frequent and intensive inspections to avoid accidents, calamities, and unplanned shutdowns
  • Shares hardware with the second-generation EX ROVR, the ASCENT

Agile ROVR navigates stairs, multiple floors with ease

The EX ROVR is designed with a variety of sensors, including visible spectrum and infrared cameras, gas detectors, and microphones, enabling it to automatically obtain visible spectrum and infrared images, data on gas concentrations, and other plant information. Additionally, the EX ROVR offers an explosion-proof design and a high degree of agility and utilization, allowing it to perform automatic plant inspections while plants are in operation, replacing human inspectors.