Our unique methods to increase reliability

Gas turbine technology has rapidly advanced over the past few decades,reaching higher power output and higher efficiency. If the gas turbine falls unpredictably, it will cause significant losses to the power supply. To prevent unpredictable failures, and to provide the customers with greater peace of mind in using Mitsubishi Power’s gas turbines, here we would like to introduce our unique methods to show what we have done in the past, and our future plans. Utilizing the latest verification facilities, our development, design, and manufacturing teams work together to make our gas turbines more reliable.


  • How difficult to develop reliable gas turbine technology?
  • How do we provide safe products?
  • Verifying and commercializing the latest gas turbine
  • The steady and continuous approach for reliability enhancement

How do we provide safe products?

In order to provide customers with highly reliable power generation equipment, Mitsubishi Power integrates R&D, design, and manufacturing, and full-scale validation in one single location. The “T-Point*,” the only power plant in the world used for full-scale long-term reliability validation, was built at the company-owned Takasago Machinery Works facility in 1997.” ※1 : T-Point is short for “Takasago Point The verification plant is operated in the same way as an actual power plant while being connected to the local power grid. Specifically, we carried out the verification of 330-389MW gas turbines for two years (at least 8,000 hours in spring and fall). By feeding back the validation results to all the relevant parties simultaneously and analyze the problem and take necessary countermeasures for improvement, the company successfully minimized the non-conformities.

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