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Industry: Air conditioning, District cooling


District heating and cooling systems must be reliable and stable in operation

In Asia, a large commercial district utilizes a large-scale district heating and cooling system with advanced centrifugal chillers supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (“MHI Thermal Systems”). The district heating and cooling system is one of the key pieces of infrastructure supporting people's lives. As the operator of this important system, the district cooling company (the “DCC”) has always focused on providing the community with stable and reliable service using environmentally friendly facilities.

Highly capable of supporting customers’ needs and requirements

The DCC, the plant operator, collected the latest information on the operation of district heating and cooling systems around the world, including case studies about stable operations and the improvement of efficiency, and requested proposals from us. To respond to their needs, MHI Thermal Systems diligently communicated closely with the DCC and continued to propose heat source equipment solutions such as centrifugal chillers. Even if good ideas appeared likely from an operations perspective, rather than simply accepting them, MHI Thermal Systems carefully examined their effectiveness, verified them, and provided professional proposals from multiple perspectives. As a manufacturer, MHI Thermal Systems required a high level of support to find the best solution for our customer.


MHI Thermal Systems: Consistently chosen to be the partner to meet your needs

  • Reliability as a partner
  • Reliability of products
  • Reliability of services 

Reliability as a partner

Our first priority is to provide customers with the systems and solutions they need. To achieve this, we first consider how we can meet our customers' needs. If there are functions that customers would like to add or change, we are pleased to study and customize products to meet our customer's needs. For example, after considering the customer’s requirements and the local electricity situation, we proposed a customized centrifugal chiller able to operate in two different operation modes. In addition, we also proposed a two-compressor model in a series counterflow configuration to achieve high efficiency. This system continues to operate without any major issues

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries centrifugal chiller featuring double evaporators
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries centrifugal chiller featuring double evaporators

Reliability of products

The most important requirement of district heating and cooling systems is they must not stop running. To ensure uninterrupted operation, the reliability of the centrifugal chiller, which is the core of the system, is very important. MHI Thermal Systems is focused on the development of the centrifugal chiller that reflects the voice of the customer. For example, by shortening our cycle for releasing new chillers compared to other manufacturers, we are always able to provide state-of-the-art, high-spec products. We also provide reliable chillers that can be improved, even older ones that have been in use for many years, because of their solid foundations. In a certain case, which is about to enter its several phase of construction, the first phase chillers installed less 20 years ago are operating smoothly, supporting the cooling of areas with high temperature and humidity.

Reliability of services

In addition to providing reliable products as a manufacturer, it is very important that we provide reliable services. MHI Thermal Systems provides customers with optimal services that take into account their current situation. If there are problems with the district heating and cooling systems supporting the local community, how can we solve them quickly? We are always thinking about this. In a certain case, because the facility is equipped with customized, large-scale chiller systems, our experts capable of responding to emergencies have been stationed nearby, which has enabled us to earn the appreciation and trust of our customer. In addition, we are developing the latest services and support based on the expertise we have accumulated through maintenance activities around the world, including the proposal of maintenance plans utilizing communication system for centralized monitoring.

Members related to the centrifugal chiller who build chillers boasting world-class cooling efficiency
 Members related to the centrifugal chiller who build chillers boasting world-class cooling efficiency

We received the following from an employee of the DCC: “MHI Thermal Systems, the world’s leading centrifugal chiller brand, is excellent in their customization of products. A good example of this is their solution featuring a two-compressor model in a series counterflow configuration. I believe that only professionals are able to propose solutions like this. MHI Thermal Systems also offered a wide selection of daily operations and maintenance options, and we are very satisfied with the solutions that were proposed that leverage their knowledge, experience, integrity and extensive technical expertise. ”


As a partner, we provide reliable products, services and solutions to comprehensively respond to our customers’ needs

  • MHI Thermal Systems provides highly reliable products and services, supporting its customers to ensure that the supply of heat sources is not interrupted, enabling customers to concentrate on their primary business operations.
  • Customers are able to relax with our flexible approach to meeting their needs:
    • Flexible customization of products to meet customers’ needs
    • Flexible service and support options to meet customers’ needs and help them optimally manage their day to day operations.
    • flexibility to provide the total support that customers need, which can avoid disruptions in the customers’ plans or considerations.
  • MHI Thermal Systems aids its customers in the achievement of their environmental targets. We propose optimal solutions based on the expertise we have accumulated around the world.
Members related to the centrifugal chiller who build chillers boasting world-class cooling efficiency
Members related to the centrifugal chiller who build chillers boasting world-class cooling efficiency

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