H-25 Gas Turbines

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions optimized for coal-to-gas conversion of power facilities for industrial use

Users that operate petrochemical plants, paper mills, or similar facilities with coal-fired power generation systems face pressure to adjust and cope with CO₂ emission regulations and carbon taxes. With its H-25 Series of gas turbines optimized for CHP systems, Mitsubishi Power delivers optimized solutions for the on-site power systems of industrial facilities.


Optimized gas turbines for industrial facilities and cogeneration systems

We work together with customers from the initial planning stage to find an optimized configuration plan for a new CHP plant or transform the existing coal-fired power plant to gas-fired. Our Product Selection Assistant System is a helpful guide to reduce the time it takes to assess different needs. In the CHP systems using a H-25 gas turbine, the H-25 can provide exhaust heat of 569℃—which is higher than other gas turbines of the same output range—and it enables to supply larger amount of steam compare with the other gas turbines. And, we can also deliver larger volumes of steam or hot water for the users who need more heat source in their production process and their daily life such as industrial estates, district heating systems, and distributed power sources. With around 200 units operating globally, the H-25 offers a guarantee of reliability and peace of mind.

 Graphic image of CHP
Cross section of H-25

The H-25 will allow for further fuel conversion to hydrogen or ammonia in the near future. In addition, there are lower renovation costs and faster construction periods

H-25 gas turbines use advanced combustion technology, capable of handling a variety of fuels such as off gas. For a future switch from existing fuel gas to hydrogen, the H-25 can accommodate a fuel conversion with minimal modification; only the combustion system needs to be changed. With a diffusion type of combustor, H-25 can run on 100% hydrogen fuel today. With a Dry Low NOx combustor, 30% hydrogen co-firing is currently possible to offer and validation of 60% co-firing is underway. We are also developing and validating the Multi-Cluster Combustor for 100% hydrogen combustion in the very near future. Furthermore, NH₃ (ammonia) direct combustion technology is under development, and we will be able to make suitable proposals to users who have different needs.

 Hydrogen gas turbine

Remote monitoring with TOMONI HUB (Analytics and Performance Center) for extra safety and optimal maintenance

Mitsubishi Power can provide 24-hour remote monitoring service to support our users with a more safe and secure H-25 operation. It is particularly effective for preventive maintenance of parts and predictive diagnosis of trouble. TOMONI can be flexibly customized for specific cloud, edge, or existing computer’s OS of the customers. Through the fusion of state-of-the-art AI technology and our advanced expertise as a manufacturer of thermal power generation equipment, Mitsubishi Power can provide optimal operation advice and regular optimization inspection procedures tailored to specific applications.

 Remote monitoring center