Video Interview: Why LNG Producers Need to Be Agile

By Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Demand for LNG has spiked in recent years as the world seeks ever-cleaner energy sources. But, as outlined in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group eBook Agile Solutions for LNG by 2024, a potential rebalancing of the market is looming and supply could exceed demand in the next few years.

Speaking at the world’s largest gas industry event, Gastech, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America Senior Vice President Mike Sicker explains how adopting a flexible approach to LNG production will be critical in meeting the market challenges of the coming years. In order to future-proof their LNG production facilities, producers will need to make sure their liquefaction trains are flexible, efficient, and reliable.

He says that LNG production plant owners should consider MHI’s H-100, the world’s largest 2-shaft gas turbine, as part of their agile approach. The H-100 is capable of generating twice the power of competing aero-derivative gas turbines. This boosts efficiency and reliability, while eliminating the need for a large starter-helper motor associated with single-shaft gas turbines.