Turbine Cooling Air Optimization Product

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Turbine Cooling Air Optimization, a Performance Improvement solution, provides more precise control of the turbine cooling air (TCA) fans to optimize rotor cooling air (RCA) temperature through digital control of power inverters. This improves efficiency at partial loads by maintaining optimum RCA temperature.

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TCA cooler has a function to decrease the temp. of discharge air from compressor outlet with fan/water as a heat exchanger, and the cooled air is used for cooling of turbine blades and rotor as a Rotor Cooling Air (RCA). RCA control philosophy of each plant is various because the plant equipment configuration is different depending on each plant condition. In general, design philosophy for RCA temp. is based on the highest ambient temp. and full load condition (the severest condition).

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By controlling RCA temp. according to the actual operating circumstance, higher Gas Turbine (GT) performance can be maintained. TCA fans speed is controlled to be set a target RCA temp. by inverter motor, leading to optimization of tip clearance. It can be effective especially for partial load operation.

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“Maximize efficiency of the plant at partial load and such solution can be conveniently implemented within standard outage periods.”


Performance improvement*

GT efficiency improvement experience:

More than +0.9%rel. at from 50% to 80% Load

*Non-binding and those may be changed depending on the site condition and the current RCA temperature.


7 units (as of Jan 2020)

The cooling optimization technology being proven on commercially operating units and by application to the latest gas turbines


Feasibility for application of this solution is subject to the plant specification.

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