Block Insulation Package

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Mitsubishi Power developed the Block Insulation Package, comprising of Block Insulation and Guiding System, as a more productive and intuitive way to insulate gas turbine body.

What is Block Insulation?
Insulation mat with anti-wear glass
Strap (used to fix insulation mat)
Eye plate (need to be welded on casing)
How to install
Hang on the hook on the strap to eye plate
Fasten insulation mat by using strap
Return the strap and then fixed by velcro
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Note) Block Insulation technology is patent application with Mitsubishi Power.

Block Insulation drives costs down by shortening the time to assemble/disassemble insulations, significantly reduces the repair works and improves worker’s safety.

“Guide System” indicates the correct positioning of insulations during assembly and disassembly to workers.

A Storage Rack can also be supplied that allows workers to store the removed insulation pieces and later on finding them with ease during assembly.

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  • Reduces working time to assemble/disassemble insulation.
  • No supervisors, highly skilled workers or written instructions necessary.
  • Improving the workability
  • Reduces time and level of repair to insulation.
  • Weight per a block is less than 15 kg and easily carried.
  • Saves area for storing insulation by using dedicated racks.

Time saved

  • Using only Block Insulation : 60% reduction*
  • Using Block Insulation + Guide System : 80% reduction*

*Based on Mitsubishi Power’s own tests

  • 8 units (as of 2019)
  • 5 units (Scheduled)

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