Cloud-based solution gives holistic view of power plant steam and water quality

Management of water quality has always been a challenge for plant operators and avoiding corrosion of sensitive HRSG and steam turbine parts is extremely important. TOMONI® Water Quality Assurance for GTCC is a digital solution that provides monitoring and diagnosis to proactively manage water quality. The cloud-based solution monitors key water-related process variables and delivers water quality data, diagnostic evaluations, and guidance for action.


  • Monitoring of approximately 60 parameters on main cycle steam, condensate, feedwater, make-up, circulating water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Continuous, real-time monitoring of water quality using a Cloud-based system that leverages accumulated fleet experience
  • Alerts of urgent deviations that require immediate action

Effects of Water Quality Deviation

Effects of Water Quality Deviation
Effects of Water Quality Deviation


  • Comprehensive guidance and early visibility of undesirable trends
  • Reduced risk of damaging corrosion, HRSG tube failures, silica deposits and scaling
  • Reduced risk of impurity carryover into steam turbine system
  • Reduced chemical use for water treatment
  • Reduced wastewater discharge
  • Consulting resource for on-site chemists


  • Does not require an outage if necessary sensor data is available
  • Available as a supplement to total plant monitoring or as a stand-alone application
  • Option to add digital sensors on the water system
  • Option to add thin-film UT sensors to monitor and trend HRSG pipe wall thinning
  • Option to add monthly diagnostic reports and biannual analysis by Mitsubishi water quality experts