Enhances cybersecurity measures to meet stringent requirements

Netmation® Protect Pack (NPP) is a security solution that protects the power plant control system DIASYS Netmation from the threat of cyber-attacks. NPP helps power producers meet the requirements of various cyber security standards and keeps the software up-to-date with regular security patch updates. It enables power plants to avoid the possible unplanned downtime, equipment damage, financial losses and penalties that can arise when they fail to meet cybersecurity standards.


Support numerous security standards

NPP is a comprehensive TOMONI® security solution that provides integrated threat management, risk management, application management and systems management capabilities. It supports meeting the requirements to comply with numerous cybersecurity standards, including the global security standard IEC 62443-3-3, the Cybersecurity Framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States of America, the latest Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and various international standards. NPP can be installed during a regularly scheduled maintenance period of the power plant. It has already been installed in more than 20 power plants around the world.

Security standards
 Security standards

Provides the multi-layered defense that is indispensable to power plants

In order to satisfy the latest cybersecurity requirements, such as updating anti-malware definition files and application-level updates, as well as monitoring the security of network equipment and human-machine interfaces (HMI), NPP provides the multi-layered cyber defense required by power plant control systems. NPP is integrated with the plant’s Netmation® control system. Note that in order to install NPP, the HMI must be upgraded to Windows 10.

NPP security measures
 NPP security measures

Regularly updated with the latest verified security patches

Security measures weaken over time if left unattended after installation. In order to protect the control system from malicious attacks, it is important to install the latest security patches. After the NPP has been implemented, regular updates will be issued with the latest security patches. All security patches are pre-verified to have no negative impact on the control system. Security patch updates are available both online and offline.

Regularly updates with the latest verified security patches
 Regularly updates with the latest verified security patches


  • Netmation® Protect Pack has been installed in more than 20 power plants in North and South America (after 2018)
  • Netmation® Protect Pack has been installed in 2 power plants in EMEA (in 2022).
  • Netmation® Protect Pack has been installed in 1 power plant in Japan (in 2021).