Remote tuning system tackles unexpected combustion pressure fluctuation fast

A new service from Mitsubishi Power allows combustion tuning to be performed remotely via a TOMONI HUB, thereby satisfying the power plant operator’s requirements while eliminating the need to send a technical adviser to the power plant.


System eliminates need to dispatch technical advisers

By linking the power plant to Mitsubishi Power’s network via the TOMONI HUB communications platform, Mitsubishi Power’s technical advisers can perform combustion tuning remotely. The task can be performed rapidly, with no need to wait for the adviser to arrive at the power plant, as was once the case. The service also offers greater flexibility when it comes to accommodating last-minute schedule changes. The service has been tested at the T-Point 2 verification GTCC power plant, which operates a state-of-the-art gas turbine, and is currently being demonstrated on commercial power plants operated by clients.

Automated system puts the operator in control

Mitsubishi Power is also developing a service that will perform combustion tuning automatically based on accumulated data. This service enables the power plant operator to undertake automated combustion tuning by making a few simple inputs, without the need for Mitsubishi Power to send a technical adviser to the site. By combining the service with remote control technology, Mitsubishi Power can monitor clients’ inputs from a distance and respond to any unforeseen events, thereby ensuring safety and peace of mind. Already demonstrated at commercial power plant operated by client, the service is currently being rolled out to a greater range of gas turbine models.