Digital solution improves gas turbine startup reliability

As plants age or transition from base load to operating modes with more frequent startups, flame detection becomes more crucial for reliable startups. TOMONI® GT Digital Flame Detection is a software-based flame detection system that uses advanced analytics and deductive state analysis to indicate successful ignition and override false or failed flame detector signals that can occur in the harsh conditions around the combustion section of the gas turbine.


  • Flame health monitoring of all combustor baskets
  • Deductive State Analysis of the operating condition of the unit from startup to shutdown
  • Confirms flame through analysis of blade path temperature spread, rotor speed/acceleration and reverse power detection
  • Works with both gas-only and dual-fuel turbines
Flame Detection Flow Chart
Flame Detection Flow Chart


  • Reduces trips during acceleration or full-speed, no-load operation
  • Allows successful startups despite flame detector instrumentation issues
  • Can supplement or replace traditional hardware
  • Reliable flame detection under varying operating conditions
  • Faster flame-out response during loaded operation


  • Implemented in numerous F-Class and Advanced-Class gas turbines
  • Can be deployed during typical scheduled outages (CI/TI/MI)