Cost-effective simulator creates real-time operational experience

All over the world, there is a rising trend of seasoned operators edging into retirement, and a small human error during operation can lead to costly implications. This challenges power providers to find ways to bridge the experience gap . Since on-site simulators can be costly, Mitsubishi Power developed the TOMONI® Cloud Training Simulator for GTCC, a real-world simulator to create operational conditions with high-fidelity digital models of main capital equipment (e.g., gas turbine, steam turbine, HRSG) to educate operators.


  • Virtual plant operation with a high-fidelity digital model that includes the gas turbine, steam turbine, HRSG and auxiliary systems
  • Real-time simulation with multi-user access
  • Major instructor functions include initial condition set with over 20 situations that can be chosen, various incidents and anomalies can be selected, and operational conditions can be changed
  • Operators can be certified based on the simulation training
Cloud Simulator Image
Cloud Simulator Image


  • Improves operator skills with hands-on, simulated experiences
  • Accessible anywhere with Internet connectivity
  • Mitsubishi Power remote maintenance and support


  • Required hardware: Windows PC, laptop or tablet
  • Internet connection: Over 1 Mbps is recommended
  • Periodic upgraded security certificate to access the Cloud Simulator