Make boiler maintenance work simpler with web-based solution

The power industry is experiencing a high frequency of retiring industry veterans, leaving an urgent need to fill the knowledge gap of less experienced engineers and maintenance planners. The TOMONI® Boiler Smart Inspection Solution builds on a historical database of over 50,000 inspections and 2,500 tube leak incidents as well as correlation between boiler type, fuel, number of startups and operating time to automatically prioritize and recommend inspection points based on probability of occurrence.


  • Visualizing pressure parts in inspection records
  • Boiler pressure parts tube leak ranking algorithm
  • Uploaded documents made searchable
  • Search engine for manuals and documents
  • Support for diagnostic planning and maintenance

Visualized Tube Thickness Measurement Record

Visualized Tube Thickness Measurement Record
Visualized Tube Thickness Measurement Record


  • Inspection data such as tube thickness, scaling inside tube and crack detection results are easily visualized on the web
  • Determine risk and probable cause of a leak from rankings based on historical issues
  • Quickly access historical maintenance through keyword searches
  • Engineers of all levels can understand contents through links to technical terms, etc.
  • Diagnosis recommendations for maintenance planning from Mitsubishi Power experts


  • Initial setup of the service takes around 14 days and requires a device with internet access, such as a PC, a current access account and data from the past three periodic inspections.