Smart technology revolutionizes insulation process during planned maintenance

Mitsubishi Power's Block Insulation Package comprises modular insulating blocks and an intuitive guide system. The package enables gas turbine operators to attach and remove insulation more efficiently, thereby generating significant time and labor savings.


Modular system enables anyone to attach insulating modules with ease

What is block insulation?

  • Insulation with anti-wear glass cloth
  • Strap (used to attach insulation)
  • Eye plate (needs to be welded to casing)

How to install block insulation

  • Attach the hook at the end of the strap to the eye plate
  • Fasten the insulation using the strap
  • Attach the other end of the strap with velcro
Block Insulation technology
Block Insulation technology

Note) Block Insulation technology is patent application with Mitsubishi Power.

Guide system allows quick and accurate attachment and removal of insulation

To use the guide system for the Block Insulation Package, the operator hangs a dedicated unit comprising a smart phone and barcode reader. Every time the operator scans the barcode on a block of insulation, a monitor shows where on the gas turbine that block should be attached. When removing insulation modules, the process is reversed, with the system indicating which rack each module should be stored on. Thanks to a system of dedicated collapsible racks that enables insulating modules to be stored after use and then easily located again when needed, even operators with limited experience can perform the task without error.

how to use Block Insulation Package
how to use Block Insulation Package
image of Applicable Area
 image of Applicable Area

Reverse lookup capability to suit your priorities

By touching the location operators want to install on the guide system display, the operator is informed of the storage place of the insulation on the monitor. By simply following these instructions, the operator can get started on the task straight away and does not have to spend time searching for the correct rack.


  • 13 units (as of 2021)
  • 1 unit (Scheduled)