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Mitsubishi Power is leading the development of the smart power plant of the future with TOMONI®, a suite of intelligent solutions enabled by decades of O&M and plant knowledge. Our solutions use advanced analytics and are driven by customer collaboration to deliver powerful financial and environmental advantages.


TOMONI is driven by collaboration

TOMONI, a Japanese word meaning "together with," reflects the emphasis Mitsubishi Power places on collaborating with customers to solve their unique challenges. Mitsubishi Power works together with customers, partners and society to deploy solutions that support the decarbonization of energy and deliver reliable power everywhere.

TOMONI means "together with"
 TOMONI means "together with"

TOMONI is supported by our extensive accumulated knowledge

TOMONI is supported by Mitsubishi Power's extensive experience and knowledge in technology, R&D development, design, manufacture and maintenance of power generation equipment and total power plant systems.

Solution architecture

TOMONI systems can be customized to work with user's existing platform to provide benefits of O&M Optimization, Performance Improvement and Flexible Operation.


For over 20 years, Mitsubishi Power has been steadily expanding the capabilities of its TOMONI HUB (Analytics and Performance Center) and has been successfully providing remote monitoring and increasing the use of advanced analytics to make power plants more reliable and profitable. TOMONI HUB provides connected software and services that monitor and provide real-time early warning of impending issues or needed corrective action to avoid unit trips or load reductions, reduced energy efficiency losses and avoidance of unnecessary maintenance.

Notes: TOMONI is a trademark of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. The service name for Chinese market is TOMONICHN.


Digital Technology to Increase Planned Maintenance Productivity and Quality

O&M Optimization applications from the TOMONI® suite of intelligent solutions support the planned maintenance of power plants. It is important to prevent unplanned shutdowns when starting a power plant after planned maintenance. Mitsubishi Power has developed a site management system that utilizes digital technology to manage key maintenance tasks and control the isolation and restoration of systems.
  • PTW (Permit To Work) Management for centralized management of the open/closed status of manual valves in the systems subject to isolation and restoration control
  • GT Fuel Piping Installation Guidance for checking and recording installation positions of gas turbine fuel branch pipes
  • AI FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) Management for image-based checking and controlling of tools brought into and out of work areas

The use of these apps can prevent startup trips and damage to equipment resulting from errors during the isolation and restoration of systems or foreign objects being left within gas turbines. High-quality computer-based O&M Optimization tools take advantage of our accumulated expertise in maintenance planning and will contribute to more reliable power generation.

Power Plant Control System “DIASYS Netmation”

Mitsubishi Power’s power plant control system “DIASYS Netmation®” is a solid foundation for rapidly evolving control technology and the latest applications needed to keep power plants reliable and secure in a rapidly decarbonizing energy system. It can be steadily updated to provide safe, secure, and stable operation of power plants. Building on this stable foundation with the optimal combination of TOMONI® intelligent digital solutions maintains high performance, avoids unplanned downtime, and enables sustained profitability increases. It also makes it possible to respond to future fuel conversions, thereby contributing to achieving a decarbonized society.

Water Quality Assurance For GTCC

Management of water quality has always been a challenge for plant operators and avoiding corrosion of sensitive HRSG and steam turbine parts is extremely important. TOMONI® Water Quality Assurance for GTCC is a digital solution that provides monitoring and diagnosis to proactively manage water quality. The cloud-based solution monitors key water-related process variables and delivers water quality data, diagnostic evaluations, and guidance for action.

GTCC Performance Diagnosis

As competition among power sources continues to grow, optimizing GTCC plant performance and ensuring efficient operations are becoming more important. Plants need to reduce operating expenses, especially fuel costs. Mitsubishi Power used its expertise to create TOMONI® GTCC Performance Diagnosis that monitors throughout the plant and delivers performance data, diagnostics and engineering insights to develop action plans. GTCC Performance Diagnosis uses a comprehensive thermal cycle digital model to provide comparisons between current and previous plant performance..

GT Digital Flame Detection

As plants age or transition from base load to operating modes with more frequent startups, flame detection becomes more crucial for reliable startups. TOMONI® GT Digital Flame Detection is a software-based flame detection system that uses advanced analytics and deductive state analysis to indicate successful ignition and override false or failed flame detector signals that can occur in the harsh conditions around the combustion section of the gas turbine.

Electronic Overspeed Protection for Gas Turbine

Mechanical overspeed trip mechanisms require periodic overspeed testing that stresses rotating components, extends outages and can cause failed starts with the need for manual resets. This solution includes additional speed sensors and a new main electronic overspeed trip (MEOST) system to replace existing mechanical systems.

Cloud Training Simulator For GTCC

All over the world, there is a rising trend of seasoned operators edging into retirement, and a small human error during operation can lead to costly implications. This challenges power providers to find ways to bridge the experience gap . Since on-site simulators can be costly, Mitsubishi Power developed the TOMONI® Cloud Training Simulator for GTCC, a real-world simulator to create operational conditions with high-fidelity digital models of main capital equipment (e.g., gas turbine, steam turbine, HRSG) to educate operators.

Boiler Smart Inspection

The power industry is experiencing a high frequency of retiring industry veterans, leaving an urgent need to fill the knowledge gap of less experienced engineers and maintenance planners. The TOMONI® Boiler Smart Inspection Solution builds on a historical database of over 50,000 inspections and 2,500 tube leak incidents as well as correlation between boiler type, fuel, number of startups and operating time to automatically prioritize and recommend inspection points based on probability of occurrence.

Netmation® Protect Pack

Netmation® Protect Pack (NPP) is a security solution that protects the power plant control system DIASYS Netmation from the threat of cyber-attacks. NPP helps power producers meet the requirements of various cyber security standards and keeps the software up-to-date with regular security patch updates. It enables power plants to avoid the possible unplanned downtime, equipment damage, financial losses and penalties that can arise when they fail to meet cybersecurity standards.

GT Remote and Automatic Combustion Tuning

A new service from Mitsubishi Power allows combustion tuning to be performed remotely via a TOMONI HUB, thereby satisfying the power plant operator’s requirements while eliminating the need to send a technical adviser to the power plant.

IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) Optimization

With the intermittent nature of renewable electricity generation technology and the ever-changing demands of the grid, IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) Optimization is a digital solution that can help to meet these challenges. It is a control modification that closes the gas turbine inlet guide vanes in a controlled way to reduce air flow at partial loads and thus increase exhaust temperature while minimizing emissions.

CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)

With the rise of decarbonization and renewable energy, we need to optimize maintenance intervals to reduce Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (GTCC) maintenance costs and to improve capacity value and opportunities to sell electricity. By compiling extensive accumulated experience, big data and knowledge in Mitsubishi Power, CBM optimizes maintenance intervals and maximizes GTCC asset value.

Block Insulation Package

Mitsubishi Power's Block Insulation Package comprises modular insulating blocks and an intuitive guide system. The package enables gas turbine operators to attach and remove insulation more efficiently, thereby generating significant time and labor savings.

Trip Prevention Package

While the prediction of power plant malfunctions tend to focus on diagnosing anomalies in gas turbines, failure on start-up is actually often the result of an issue with an associated system. By offering holistic diagnosis and support for not only turbines but also their associated systems, Mitsubishi Power's Trip Prevention Package, which is part of the TOMONI® intelligent solution, helps to avoid failures on start-up.

Turbine Cooling Air Optimization

"Turbine Cooling Air Optimization" improves the performance of gas turbines in power plants. It improves the power generation efficiency of air-cooled gas turbines through control of the turbine cooling air (TCA) fans to optimize the rotor cooling air (RCA) temperature. The technology has already been proven on 14 commercially operating units (as of Dec. 2021).