BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

The optimum solution to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of power under all conditions

Amid an increased focus on renewable energy sources, BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) compensates for the intermittency of these sources, providing essential value for operators by enabling a stable supply of electricity thus avoiding curtailment of renewable energy and maximizing their revenue.


Storage solutions tailored to your circumstances

A wide range of grid-scale BESS solutions are available, from containerized units to those installed in dedicated buildings. The solution will be optimized to match the client’s generation capacity, available space and region. In addition to lithium-ion batteries, Mitsubishi Power also offers access to other energy storage technologies, including hydrogen and redox flow batteries. Additionally, Mitsubishi Power’s BESS solutions are available not only to those operating Mitsubishi turbines or equipment, but to anyone requiring BESS solutions.

 Image of energy storage

Backup for renewable energy sources

BESS solutions are an enabler to supply backup power to those who want to make greater use of renewable energy but have found, due to certain constraints such as, intermittency, weather conditions, power grid limitations, or renewables have their own limitations.

 Illustration of how BESS is one of the key solution for stable energy supply

Increased flexibility when combined with gas turbines

We are also able to provide enhanced flexibility by combining a BESS solution with a gas turbine, a configuration that delivers value in grids with a high proportion of renewably-generated supply.

 Highlights & benefits of combining a BESS solution with a gas turbine

Optimization of micro-grid operation with TOMONI

Our TOMONI Intelligent solutions provide operation optimization of BESS and integrated equipment such as solar, wind and GTCC power plant. This intelligent solution includes technology modules of demand prediction, renewable generation prediction and BESS operation optimization. When BESS, is used with TOMONI Intelligent solutions, customers will minimize operational costs and maximize profit through the lifetime of the total system.

 TOMONI intelligent solutions