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Smart technology makes insulation process more efficient during planned maintenance

Industry: Electric power generation


Smart technology revolutionizes insulation process during planned maintenance

When conducting planned maintenance of gas turbines, the attachment and removal of insulation is performed by a team of experienced engineers. If a different team were to perform the task each time, best practice would not be passed on, thereby wasting time and adversely affecting the inspection process.

Insulation needed to be attached in specific configurations

Because insulation has to be attached to a specific location on the turbine, operators can have difficulty finding the right piece of insulation. This process is time- and labor-intensive. When the storage area is disorganized, it is not efficient to spend time searching for the piece of insulation to be installed.

large amount of insulation exists like a puzzle.

Wear on insulation leads to increased costs, jeopardizes safety

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and wear from wiring can cause insulation to be less resilient. The power producer is forced to replace insulation after only a few uses, which is expensive. Wear on insulation also worsens the working environment as the task needs to be performed in a confined space and the wiring process tends to stir up dust.



  • Liberating plants from operator-dependent processes
  • Guide system reduces worktime, guarantees consistency
  • Simpler, modularized process solves cost and safety issues

Liberating plants from operator-dependent processes

The insulation modules included in the Mitsubishi Power Block Insulation Package are pre-formed in workable sizes and can be installed using a streamlined process that requires no wiring, special techniques or tools. The system enables anyone to attach insulation modules with ease in a matter of moments, irrespective of their level of experience.

block insulation

Guide system reduces worktime, guarantees consistency

The guide system allows operators to monitor the progress of the entire process. In addition to showing operators on a monitor where a specific module should be attached and stored, the system also tells them which rack the module corresponding to a given position is stored in. This improves productivity as it enables insulation to be added and removed in less time by smaller teams.

how to use Block Insulation Package

Simpler, modularized process solves cost and safety issues

This simpler method of applying insulation helps reduce wear, thereby enabling insulation to be used for longer and boosting cost effectiveness. Mitsubishi Power has verified this system on its own power generation facility T-point 2, ensuring the safety of operators.

during installation


  • System does away with the need for supervisors, experienced engineers, and work instructions
  • Modular insulation offers a 60% reduction in time when compared with traditional installation methods*.
  • When combined with the guide system, time-savings increase to 80%*.

*Based on Mitsubishi Power's own tests

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