Case study

Industry: Power plant owners, Utility companies


Existing plant has difficulties in responding to demand fluctuations

The owner of "A Project" faced constraints in demand response because its existing facilities included a large steam turbine and boilers in total 132MW. Their goal was to increase the plant's total efficiency by operating it in a flexible manner to match fluctuating demand and improve the plant's overall economics, while coping with stringent emission regulation.

Challenges of an ageing & deteriorating plant : decreased plant efficiency and increased maintenance costs

The large-scale boiler had reached the end of its useful life and was no longer as efficient as it once was, while steam turbines were all in good condition. Simultaneously, the plant required more maintenance resources, which, when combined with rising fuel prices, resulted in a cost overrun. Being concerned about increasing the company's financial burden and introducing new technologies, the plant owner had struggled to find the best solution and put together a concrete improvement plan.



  • Mitsubishi Power suggests repowering ageing existing plant with H-25 gas turbines
  • Our suggestion : modifying the existing plant, while keeping as much serviceable equipment as possible
  • Comprehensive gas turbine support reduces plant owner’s workload associated with maintenance

Our suggestion : modifying the existing plant, while keeping as much serviceable equipment as possible

In response to these concerns, Mitsubishi Power proposed a combined cycle configuration that included 6 units of H-25 gas turbines and a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) connected to the existing steam turbines with producing 225MW in total.   This offering enabled higher thermal efficiency and CO₂ reduction, with less investment.


  • Improved plant efficiency and flexibility with CO₂ reduction
  • Timely and more reliable maintenance conducted under long-term service agreement
  • Ensures reliable plant operation in the long term

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