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Decarbonizing gas turbine by hydrogen firing technology

Industry: Electric power generation


Hydrogen conversion now reality thanks to cutting edge technology

The growing momentum of Energy Transition has led an increasing number of Gas Turbine Power Plant owners to evaluate various available options to increase the value of their existing assets while continuing with sustainable operation. A key option that Gas Turbine Power Plant owners are considering is the switch of fuel from natural gas to hydrogen for carbon-free power generation.

Points to consider when converting natural gas turbines to run on hydrogen

  • What level of modification is required to switch the fuel from natural gas to hydrogen?
  • How do the modifications differ with different level (%) of hydrogen mix?
  • Is it possible to establish a roadmap with a realistic time frame to establish a reliable hydrogen supply chain to the power plant?
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  • Delivering the perfect solution based on a wealth of experience
  • Transition roadmap that maximizes existing assets

Delivering the perfect solution based on a wealth of experience

Mitsubishi Power has an extensive proven track record of operating gas turbines on hydrogen rich fuels since the 1970s and the past studies from leading hydrogen conversion projects in Europe as well as globally. In addition, working together with several Gas Turbine Power Plant owners, Mitsubishi Power is creating tailormade roadmaps which will initially enable to blend hydrogen as a fuel and with the aim to switch to 100% hydrogen firing in the future. With this expertise, Mitsubishi Power can conduct feasibility studies for power plants to determine optimized solutions for the hydrogen switch with an efficient cost and timeframe.

 image of the daytime power plant

Transition roadmap that maximizes existing assets

Gas Turbine Power Plant owners can establish the best possible roadmap for the hydrogen conversion from the planning stage to actual execution depending on their strategy and the status of their specific power plants. Working with Mitsubishi Power, power plant owners can formulate an optimized scenario for reducing the carbon emissions with minimal modifications while maximizing the utilization of the rest of their power generation assets.

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By switching fuel from natural gas to 30% hydrogen mix by volume, it is possible to reduce a gas turbine's carbon emission by around 10%.

graph of the relation between Volume Fraction and Thermal Ratio

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