A suite of intelligent solutions, "TOMONI®"

Mitsubishi Power is leading the development of the smart power plant of the future with TOMONI, a suite of intelligent solutions enabled by decades of O&M and plant knowledge. Our solutions use advanced analytics and are driven by customer collaboration to deliver powerful financial and environmental advantages.


  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving
  • Superior quality backed up by years of experience and expertise
  • Customizable solutions that cater to individual requirements
  • Utilization of remote monitoring and highly accurate analysis

Working with the client to solve problems

The name TOMONI, meaning 'together with', reflects Mitsubishi Power's approach of collaborating with customers to solve their unique challenges. Mitsubishi Power works together with customers, partners, and society to deploy solutions that support the decarbonization initiatives while ensuring a reliable electricity supply.

TOMONI means "together with"
 TOMONI means "together with"

Mitsubishi Power is a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.