CO₂ Capture Technology for Exhaust Gas KM CDR Process™

Economical and highly efficient CO₂ recovery from variety of exhaust gas sources

In addition to reducing CO₂ emissions, CO₂ capture in fields where fuel conversion is difficult will be essential in order to achieve carbon neutrality. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Ltd. has the world’s most sophisticated technologies for CO₂ capture from exhaust gases, offering economical and highly efficient recovery of CO₂ from a variety of sources.


Outstanding energy-efficient performance and dependability recognized worldwide

“KM CDR Process™” is a CO₂ capture technology that can handle a variety of exhaust sources and a wide range of volumes, from small to large plants.

Starting in the early 1990s MHI jointly developed with Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) the proprietary Kansai Mitsubishi Carbon Dioxide Recovery Process (KM CDR Process™) and the proprietary KS-1™ amine solvent for carbon dioxide removal from combustion gas exhaust streams. Since then, the solvent has been delivered to 13 plants all over the world, earning the top global market share.
This technology recovers more than 90% of the CO₂ contained in the target gas (with a purity of more than 99.9% by volume). It also reduces steam consumption, complimented by our original energy-saving regeneration system.

KM CDR Process Commercial Achievement

Heat utilization technology improvement and OPEX optimization

For Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering's CO₂ capture technologies, we are carrying out feasibility studies supporting various exhaust gas sources such as cement, steel plants, including the world's first CO₂ capture and storage project in an LNG liquefaction plant.
KS-1™ plays a key role in the KM CDR Process™, offering advantages over other comparable solutions including the superior CO₂ liquid absorption performance and resistance to corrosion and degradation.
The entire plant also achieves excellent energy-saving performance for simplified operations, making it a technology that contributes to operating cost optimization.

Conceptual image of completed Rio Grande LNG liquefaction plant
LNG Liquefaction Plant Block Flow Diagram

Technical improvements offer greater economic enhancements

In the mission to achieve carbon neutrality, demand for CO₂ capture is growing worldwide at an accelerating pace. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering has developed “Advanced KM CDR Process™” using “KS-21™”, which adds technical enhancements to KS-1™, and has successfully completed testing at the Technology Centre Mongstad CO₂ capture test facility in Norway.
KS-21™ offers superior regeneration efficiency compared to conventional solvents. It also has lower volatility and greater stability against degradation, and is expected to achieve economic benefits and reduced running costs.

 Technology Center Mongstad CO₂ capture test facility, located on west coast of Norway