When Lighter Loads Cause Turbine Efficiency to Tumble
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When Lighter Loads Cause Turbine Efficiency to Tumble

A Fully-Automated Solution to Control Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) and Eliminate Overshoot Worries

With IGV Optimization, a carefully engineered algorithm optimizes the control setting of the inlet guide vanes that keeps the control parameters below limits while maintaining the current operational reliability and flexibility, such as frequency response capability.
Because the cost of the system is proportional to the efficiency gains made, there has been no need to allocate additional budget for the initial outlay.
The plant management was free to deactivate the IGV Optimization in case the efficiency uplift did not match expectations. Hence, there was no financial risk to the customer.
A revolutionary upgrade for a flexible turbine

At his wits end, the engineer just remembered that Mitsubishi Power has introduced several solutions related to this situation. Then, the engineer approached Mitsubishi Power in the hope of finding a solution. A few days later, a Mitsubishi Power representative outlined the IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) Optimization service indicating that the solution had been implemented at numerous plants and was rated as a high value for money service.

“As the representative went over the features of IGV Optimization, it became clear that this was exactly what we needed to solve our problems. All we had to do was to enter an algorithm, and the system would automatically control the turbine, ensuring optimum IGV configuration. There is also a unique feature that avoids control parameters overshoot in the event of a sudden variation in operation condition”

To complement this advanced control, Mitsubishi Power also advised reliability enhancement developments for the mechanics of the IGV system together with the IGV Optimization program further contributing enhanced reliability as per Mitsubishi Power “Total Solution” philosophy.

The use of Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution, TOMONI with IGV Optimization also offered several benefits. Cost-wise, because the fees paid by the user are proportional to the efficiency gains made, there is no need to allocate budget for initial outlay. IGV Optimization can therefore be implemented at zero financial risk. Furthermore, the power producer is able to deactivate IGV control if efficiency improvements do not match its expectations, thereby ensuring the system can be used effectively.


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