A Short Story on Turbine Cooling Air Optimization
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A Short Story on Turbine Cooling Air Optimization

Turbine Cooling Air Optimization enables flexible control over cooler function of Rotor Cooling Air (RCA) achieving the optimized efficiency for all seasons after cooling capacity upgrade.
Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution also delivers cost efficiencies.
The application has a flexible, pay-per-use, fee structure that means users are only charged for the time they use.

At his wits end, the site engineer of power plant just remembered that Mitsubishi Power has introduced several solutions related to this situation. Then, the engineer approached Mitsubishi Power in the hope of finding a solution. A few days later, a Mitsubishi Power representative outlined the Turbine Cooling Air Optimization service indicating that the solution had been implemented at numerous plants and was rated as a high value for money service.

The Turbine Cooling Air Optimization solution ensures that the RCA temperature is optimized at every ambient temperature, thereby automatically maximizing efficiency and output at all times which vastly improved the financial return of the plant throughout a year. Furthermore, the application features a pay-per-use pricing plan under which users are billed based on the length of time they use the control, thereby making the implementation of a more flexible cost scheme possible.
Note: The past plant operation data is utilized to estimate the gains and ensure future profits by the Turbine Cooling Air Optimization.

The decision was quite straight forward considering the financial benefit this system would bring and the ease of use by the site management team with Mitsubishi Power’s support. The plant owner and the site are now making preparations to roll out the system.

“I’m really pleased that we reached out to Mitsubishi Power. With Turbine Cooling Air Optimization giving us total control over the turbine cooling air, we know that we optimize the cooling air levels to achieve the highest possible gas turbine performance throughout a year.”— Site Engineer

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